Spring Break Brings Increased Accident Risks To Corpus Christi

Spring break traditionally brings an increase in traffic through Corpus Christi from students enjoying the warmer climate south Texas has to offer, with our own Padre Island being a popular destination.  However, with this influx of tourists, comes an increased risk of drunk drivers and traffic accidents in general.  Last year, there were over 1000 arrests for drunk driving made.  Between the increased risk of DUI, and distracted drivers texting and using their cell phones, we should all watch out for each other, and pay a little more attention in the coming week.

Drunk driving in Texas can be particularly deadly.  According to the annual NHTSD report, in 2011, 40% of all motor vehicle fatalities in Texas were alcohol related.  Additionally, study after study continues to show that distracted driving, particularly talking or texting on a cell phone can impair safe driving as much as, if not more than, alcohol.  Over 300,000 people in the U.S. were injured in 2011 due to car accidents attributed to distracted driving.

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