Life Insurance for Unmarried Couples

One of the questions I often get is:

"You can get life insurance for my fiance boyfriend girlfriend, etc., if we are not married yet?"

The answer is, it depends.

Explain the interest of saving

In the world of life insurance, and insurance companies require the death of the insured person, the recipient must have some sort of financial difficulties.

The real example of insurable interest is when a person takes the policy on a woman, or vice versa, when all of the work and depend on the income of each other.

It is clear that there is a financial need for this coverage, and therefore have an interest in making insurance policy on the other hand.

Therefore, causing a rapid response to the unmarried, and death financial damage your partner for you, then yes, perhaps you can get life insurance.

Unmarried forms - they can get life insurance?

To break it down even further, I would like to give you some points that unmarried couples can qualify for life insurance.

1. Registered domestic partners

In most cases, you will be able local partners to get insurance to another. This is because they may be dependent on the other partner paid rent or mortgage payments, utilities, and so on to help. To be clear, I would like to refer to the "registered" domestic partners.

It does not make you a local partner with someone if you just stay with them. This is something you need to register, because I think that the level of the state.

Usually this is done with gay couples, but not too strange for heterosexual couples who want a formal partnership to fruition without marriage.

2. To live together, but not domestic workers Partners

The next step would be if you live together, but are not registered and local partners. In this case, it is also possible to obtain life insurance on the other hand, if there is some sort of financial loss to the death of the other.

For example, let's say you both rent the house if you're renting a house. In this case, if you are involved in the site, and will be responsible for the lease entire as it was other to pass away, so there's insurable interest, or maybe you do not have any other type of financial partnership, and maybe work or maybe you intersect to buy a car or other a major item of tickets.

In this case, even if you are not registered domestic partners, you could still be on the insurable interest.

3. Unmarried couples who live together local partners

It may be the most critical cases or as difficult as it seems only a boyfriend girlfriend type of situation and it is difficult to prove the security interest. I've had people tell me that they are planning to ask his partner in marriage, but they will not move before the insurance company.

There must be insurable interest. This is possible with some traditional types of partners that unmarried couples can take a car loan or other financial arrangement in which the insurable interest, but I have not seen it.

4. Involved in marriage

In this case, I have a problem providing access to people. Life insurance companies generally will treat you as if you are married, when you're working and have a date for the wedding.

Other Special Note for unmarried couples

You will need to discuss your specific situation with an independent life insurance agent. It is important when dealing with a complex issue for unmarried couples from different insurance companies that may have an insurance that you must pass, so I would recommend calling 877-996-9383 or to express the right to start your search.

I would not advise going directly to a captive agency such as State Farm life insurance or life insurance farmers only if they are working with an insurance company and if not dealt you want, you may want to get it.


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