Package Bomb Blast Injures Family

Corpus Christi Personal Injury LawyerA recent explosion changed the lives of a Brownsville family forever. That morning a package bomb delivered to the family’s home exploded, causing critical injuries to the homeowner, his wife, and their five-year-old daughter. The explosion also damaged a large portion of their home and left a fire burning in its wake. As devastating as the explosion was, it could have been a lot worse. Police officers and bomb technicians who responded to the scene located an additional three detonation devices inside the package. These three devices were disabled with the help of a remote device later on Friday afternoon. When this type of tragedy happens to a family, it is a good idea to contact a Corpus Christi personal injury lawyer for assistance.

The True Impact of the Blast

While this single package bomb caused extensive suffering to the family who received the package and to their home, the blast impacted many other people besides. Neighbors on all sides of the home had to be evacuated to a safe distance until authorities were able to screen the entire premises and disarm the other three bombs. These neighbors also had their Friday morning interrupted in a different, though still tragic, manner.

The Rights of Bystanders

The person or persons who sent that package bomb are guilty of several crimes and should be prosecuted for them. A personal injury lawyer could also bring numerous lawsuits against these people on behalf of the neighbors who were impacted by the crime. A personal injury attorney in Corpus Christi representing a neighbor would point out that their client experienced marked pain and suffering as a result of the guilty party’s criminal actions. That neighbor may be entitled to compensation.

A Lawyer Who’s on Your Side

There are numerous Corpus Christi personal injury attorneys and you need one who will stand up for your rights and represent you aggressively in court. Regardless of who caused your injury, you may be entitled to compensation. Only a Corpus Christi personal injury lawyer can tell you for certain, so arrange to speak to one as soon as possible. Call the Brunkenhoefer Law Firm at (361) 888-8808 today for a free consultation regarding your case.

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