Grand Prairie Crash Claims Life of Third Child

Car Accident Attorney in Corpus ChristiThe tragedy of a devastating car accident can strike anytime, anywhere – and anyone. The worst part of being the victim of an accident is that the person who was not at fault often suffers as much if not more than the driver of the vehicle that caused the wreck. If you have been involved in an accident, a car accident attorney in Corpus Christi can help you get the settlement you deserve and help you get your life back on track.

Recent accident ends in tragedy

Sadly, a Grand Prairie family recently learned how heavy a toll a car accident can take. The family of six was headed west on I-30 when their car stalled in the left lane of the freeway. The father called police for help then got out of the car to attempt to direct traffic away from his vehicle. Before officers arrived on the scene, a pickup truck collided with the family’s car from behind.

A young girl was killed on impact, and her three siblings were rushed to the hospital. The oldest girl died later that night, and the youngest brother died two days later in the hospital. Both parents, as well as one boy survived.

Work with a lawyer to get help

There is undoubtedly not much that a car accident attorney in Corpus Christi could possibly do to assuage the grief these survivors or others like them feel. However, an auto accident attorney in Corpus Christi would most likely be able to help them get settlement money to at least cover funeral expenses and immediate medical bills resulting from the crash.

If you have been involved in a serious car accident, don’t hesitate to call a car accident lawyer in Corpus Christi. He or she will be able to take on much of the burden of legal matters related to the case so that you have more time and energy to deal with the emotional toll the accident has had on you and your family. Why try to do everything on your own when you have a support network available to you? Instead, call the Brunkenhoefer Law Firm at (361) 888-8808 today for a free consultation regarding your case.

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