Best Term Life Insurance Rates


You have a family and are worried about how they will be supported financially after you are gone. There would be expenses such as paying for your funeral costs, paying off the mortgage, having money for child care, and allowing your family to have extra income. To pay for these expenses while giving your beneficiaries the money they need, you may decide to purchase term life insurance.
What Is Term Life Insurance?
Term life insurance is the cheapest type of insurance coverage a person can get for themselves. You can purchase policies with a very high face value, such as a million-dollar policy, as you only pay a low cost premium of $2,800 annually for a set time-frame. There are several different types of policies to choose from based on how much coverage you want for a certain period of time: annual renewable term gives you one year of coverage that you can renew annually and level premium term allows you to purchase a policy for a multiyear term of 5, 10, 20 or 30 years.
The difference between term life insurance and whole life insurance is that the policy will expire after the term period ends. In addition, specific insurance policies won't give you back anything if you outlive the policy term, unless you purchase a return of premium. This policy allows the insurance company to invest your premiums. They will return your premiums at the end of the policy term while keeping the earnings made on the invested money.
Best Term Life Insurance Rates
Getting the best term life insurance rates will be based on your age, gender and physical health. Women will generally get better rates because they live longer than men. Men who are nonsmokers and physically active will also receive low premiums over a person who smokes and is overweight.
Each person will be placed into a classification based on their level of risk. Standard and preferred are the basic types of classifications used by most insurance companies although they will use different wording. If you rank in the highest preferred classification, you may pay as low as $375 for a $500,000 insurance policy at a term period of 20 years. If you are seen as a risk factor, you will fall into a standard classification and pay as high as $760 for the same type of policy.
Getting the best term life insurance rates is a matter of qualifying for them based on age and health. Try to take out the policies at an early age, as you will pay more in premiums the older you get. You should also be in the best health that you can possibly be to get the lowest rates. offers information regarding term life. For more on term life insurance coverage, please visit us at

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