Workplace Accidents: Proving Employer Responsibility

Posted on 5/15/13 by Pat Maloney

When you’re hurt on the job, you may be eligible to seek compensation and payment for your medical bills through a workers’ compensation claim. In filing this type of claim, there is no need to prove employer responsibility or liability in your accident. You simply must meet a few basic requirements.

Workers’ Comp Claims

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault type of insurance coverage. It is not necessary to prove employer responsibility when an accident occurs.

In order to be eligible for workers’ comp, you must meet these requirements:

Your accident and injury must have occurred during the course of employment/You must not have willfully caused your own injury out of misconduct, intoxication, or recklessness.Your employer must carrier workers’ compensation insurance.

You also must notify your employer of your intent to file a claim within 30 days of the accident. Otherwise, you will lose your right to workers’ comp benefits.

Civil Claims

If your employer does not have workers’ compensation insurance, you can still seek compensation for your injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering if you’re hurt on the job. You may even be due punitive damages if the accident occurred out of significant negligence or recklessness.

To seek these damages, you would need to file a civil claim against the employer, coworker, or third party who caused the accident. In this case, you may need to prove employer responsibility or negligence in order to win the claim and be compensated.

Determining Next Steps

When you’re hurt on the job, it’s always best to consult a legal professional. They can advise you as to the type of claim to file – either workers’ comp or a civil one – and assist you in filing and proving your case, if necessary.

Were you injured at work? Call the Law Offices of Pat Maloney at 210-226-8888 today to get started.

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18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer: Causes and Prevention of Big Rig Wrecks

Posted on 4/6/13 by Pat Maloney

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, truck accidents killed more than 3,600 people and injured another 80,000 in 2010 alone. Unfortunately, many of these accidents were likely preventable. Help prevent these accidents from happening to you and your loved ones by learning more about truck wrecks from 18 wheeler accident lawyer Pat Maloney.

Common Causes of Truck Wrecks

According to 18 wheeler accident lawyer Pat Maloney, semi-truck and big rig wrecks can happen for a number of reasons. Some may be attributed to the truck driver themselves, while others are the fault of the other driver or party involved.

Truck drivers often get in wrecks by:

Not receiving adequate training or licensing.Driving drowsy, especially after working long hours or at night.Speeding, in an attempt to meet strict work schedules.Failing to maintain their truck or trailer.Driving distracted, using their cell phone, texting, or eating.Making a traffic error.Using drugs or consuming alcohol before driving.Inadequately securing or balancing their cargo or load.

Other drivers can cause these wrecks by:

Driving in the blind spots of large trucks and big rigs.Making a left turn in front of an oncoming truck at a crossroad or intersection.Changing lanes too quickly in front of a truck.Merging onto a highway in front of a truck.Unsafely passing a truck or failing to signal before passing.Failing to change speed accordingly when a truck merges or gets in front of a vehicle.

Truck wrecks are often caused by defective equipment, brake failure, or other problems within the vehicle as well. If you’ve been the victim of a recent truck wreck, contact 18 wheeler accident lawyer Pat Maloney today to discuss your legal options.

Prevention of Big Rig Wrecks

Many times, truck accidents can be prevented. In order to avoid getting in a truck wreck of your own, follow these tips from 18 wheeler accident lawyer Pat Maloney.

For truck drivers:

Never drive drowsy. Always adhere to the rules of service regulations and never push yourself just to meet deadlines. If you’re feeling tired, pull over to the side of the road and take a nap before continuing on.Be aware of your blind spots. Be aware of where cars are around you at all times, especially when preparing to change lanes or pass another vehicle.Keep your distance. Never follow another vehicle too closely. Trucks take a much longer time to stop than traditional passenger vehicles. If the truck in front of you is forced to stop quickly, you could rear-end them.Maintain your truck. Ensure your vehicle is properly inspected and in working order before each and every trip. Additionally, make sure any and all cargo is securely fastened and balanced in your trailer.

For drivers of nearby vehicles:

Avoid driving along the sides of trucks or directly behind them; these are the driver’s blind spots. If you are forced to drive in these areas, make sure you signal first, and that you make efforts to change lanes as soon as possible.Never cut off a truck, and be careful when merging in front of one on a highway.If you see an unsafe truck driver, call the number listed on their truck to report the behavior.Steer clear of trucks that are turning. Big rigs have a large turn radius and have to swing wide before making a turn; if you’re too close, your vehicle may be right in the truck’s path.

Were you recently injured in a truck wreck? You could be due compensation. Call 210-226-8888 to discuss your legal options with an 18 wheeler accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Pat Maloney.

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OSHA Construction Safety 101

Posted on 5/25/13 by Pat Maloney

OSHA has standards and regulations for all employers, no matter what industry they’re a part of. There are, however, a few sectors considered more dangerous than most. For these, OSHA has created industry-specific safety standards all employers must follow. One such industry is construction. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 4 percent of all construction workers are injured on the job every year. Due to this high rate of injury, there are numerous OSHA construction safety standards all employers in the industry must follow.

Some highlights of these OSHA construction safety standards include:

First aid and medical care must be made available and easily accessible for all employees. If there is no hospital or physician reasonably accessible to the construction site, a person with valid first aid training must be on site at all times.All fire protection equipment must be maintained, and fire extinguishers must be made available. The employer also should have a fire protection program in place.All work areas, passageways, and stairwells must be kept clear of scraps, nails, and debris.Any combustible debris must be removed regularly, and a safe means for its removal must be provided.There should be on-site containers for hazardous or flammable waste. These must be kept separately from other waste and trash, and be fitted with a cover.All construction areas, stairs, ramps, shops, storage areas, and offices must be lit with natural or artificial lights while work is in progress.Protective equipment and gear must be provided for all employees. This includes equipment for the eyes, face, head, and extremities, as well as protective clothing, respiratory devices, protective shields, and more.There must be an adequate supply of water in all places where workers are present. Water containers should be marked as such and used only for water and no other liquids.Toilets and urinals must be provided on site. When there are 20 employees, there must be at least one toilet. For 20 to 200 workers, there must be one toilet and one urinal for every 40 workers. If there are 200 or more workers, there must be a toilet and a urinal for every 50.All power tools and equipment must be maintained and kept in good condition. All belts, gears, shafts, pulleys, and other moving parts of these tools must be guarded, to prevent employee contact.All scaffolding should be able to support its own weight, as well as at least four times its maximum intended load.All ramps and walkways more than six feet above ground must have guard rails in place.Any equipment or vehicles left unattended must be fitted with reflectors or lights.All vehicles on the site must be equipped to emit a signal when reversing.

There are hundreds more OSHA construction safety standards, covering everything from the demolition of chutes and the use of explosives to on-site cranes and training requirements.

Violations of OSHA Construction Safety Standards

Since construction sites are such dangerous places, it’s crucial that employers follow the OSHA construction safety standards to the letter.  If they don’t, they may be issued a violation from OSHA, which will require them to amend the issue. If the employer fails to fix the issue, they may be issued additional violations, or they could face fines or jail time.

OSHA has the authority to conduct random inspections and ensure employers are following all safety regulations. They also may conduct inspections in response to employee complaints.  Any employee who sees safety hazards or risks on their job site should get in contact with their local OSHA office immediately.

After an Injury

Were you hurt because your employer failed to follow OSHA construction safety standards? Call the Law Offices of Pat Maloney at 210-226-8888 today.

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Employer Responsibility: Ensuring Safety on Construction Sites

Posted on 4/12/13 by Pat Maloney

Construction is a dangerous line of work. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2011, it was the second most dangerous industry in the country, second only to transportation. There were more than 700 construction-related fatalities that year and, on average, four out of every 100 workers suffered an injury. Because of the high rates of injuries and fatalities associated with this line of work, there is an employer responsibility to provide employees with a safe, hazard-free work environment.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration even outlines several standards and practices for employers in the construction industry to follow; these address everything from equipment and tool maintenance to fire safety precautions and first aid. Failure to follow OSHA’s standards for employer responsibility can result in a citation, fine, or jail time.

Workers can also do their part to keep the workplace safe by:

Putting up all tools and equipment safely and securely after using them.Never operating machinery or equipment they are not trained to handle.Always wearing protective gear, including gloves, a hard hat, closed toe shoes, and more.Reporting any unsafe conditions immediately to a supervisor or the local OSHA office.Fully inspecting scaffolding and ladders before climbing up.Being careful when getting on or off equipment, especially near roadways or on slopes.Never working while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.Always lifting with the knees, not the back.Knowing where all first aid kits and fire extinguishers are on site.

If you were injured on a construction site because employer responsibility was not met or because of the negligence of a coworker or other third party, you could be due worker’s compensation or have grounds for a legal claim. Call 210-226-8888 to discuss your options with an attorney at the Law Offices of Pat Maloney today.

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Truck Accident Law Firms: Sorting the Good from the Bad

Posted on 4/27/13 by Pat Maloney

When you’ve been hurt in a truck accident, you need to connect with a lawyer – and fast. A lawyer can help ensure you’re compensated for the injuries and damage caused and that you’re not stuck footing the bill for something that wasn’t your fault. Unfortunately, there are thousands of truck accident law firms out there. How can you be sure you’re getting the right one? What should you look out for when sorting the good firms from the bad? Simply follow our handy guide to choosing truck accident law firms below.

Look for truck accident law firms with experience. First and foremost, you want a law firm that has extensive experience in handling truck accident cases. They should have managed hundreds of cases, have years of practice under their belts, and know the ins and outs of truck accident laws and regulations like the back of their hand. This will best ensure your claim goes quickly, smoothly, and efficiently and also that you receive the maximum compensation possible. In addition to having experience in truck accident cases, you also want to be sure they have experience both in settling cases out of court and in a trial setting. You never know what your claim may require, so you need to be sure you have the utmost experience and knowledge on your side.Keep an eye out for board certification. If you really want to sort the good truck accident law firms from the bad, be on the lookout for lawyers who are board certified. Board certification shows that the attorney has a high level of knowledge, expertise, and dedication to their specific field. They’re committed to serving their community, they’re highly regarded by their peers, and they’re dedicated to continuing their education. Only a select few lawyers in the state have this level of recognition. In the case of a truck accident, you’ll want an attorney who is board certified in personal injury law. With them on your side, you’ll have the greatest chances of success in your claim.Steer clear of firms without testimonials or reviews. A lack of client testimonials or reviews is one of the biggest red flags you can come across when searching for truck accident law firms. Client reviews and testimonials show that a firm is vouched for: that their past clients and customers have been satisfied with their work and seen real, viable results. If a firm you’re considering doesn’t have any testimonials or reviews from past clients on their website or marketing material, it may be time to start looking at other options.Seek out firms with local connections and knowledge. You want to be able to get your case wrapped up quickly, so you can pay your medical bills, repair costs, and more. There’s no better way to do that to make sure your attorney has the right resources and connections to pull from. They should have relationships with local experts, in case you need a medical expert witness or other type of testimony, and they should be well-acquainted with the process of requesting police reports, trucking logs, and other pieces of evidence in your area. Additionally, they should know the local legal scene and be familiar with area judges, attorneys, and courts. All of this can help your case be more successful and profitable overall.

Are you having trouble find good truck accident law firms in your area? Then you need the Law Offices of Pat Maloney. With more than three decades of legal experience under his belt, Pat Maloney can help you see success in your truck accident claim. Call us today at 210-226-8888 to get started.

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Do You Have Umbrella Insurance? Do You Need It?

Let us start with a dramatic illustration. You are driving and suddenly a pedestrian lunges in front of you. You do not stop in time and hit him.
After getting over the shock, you thank your lucky angel because you are fully covered by an automobile insurance policy. It even covers medical liability. You feel relieved.
Unfortunately, your relief could be temporary. Most automobile policies have limited coverages. They will not cover you in case you are sued by the victim for negligence.
Let us take something less dramatic. There is a heavy storm and the tree in your property splits and falls on your neighbor's garage, crushing his car and other property kept in the garage. Does your home insurance policy cover such a damage? Most probably not.
That is why, while it is important to have your assets such as home and car covered through specific damage policies (fire, accident, theft, storm, uninsured motorist etc.), it is absolutely crucial to have an umbrella insurance policy as an essential part of your overall protection.
Briefly, an umbrella insurance policy covers you from unspecified damages caused by liability arising from a lawsuit. Do not mistake it as a supplement or extension of your other insurance policies. It does not cover your deductible or co-pay liability. It simply kicks in and covers you when you are sued.
Why is it important? If you or your immediately family with whom you have co-ownership have assets worth protecting, there is no other way to protect them in the case of civil or criminal litigation exposure. Such litigation, if it is adjudicated against you can play havoc with not only your peace of mind but also with your livelihood. Here is how:
  1. Your assets can be attached by court in settlement of the award
  2. You could lose rights to income from the attached assets
  3. You may have to pay legal expenses defending the lawsuit
  4. You do not have anyone professionally looking into settlement options, other than your attorney who again costs you money
An Umbrella policy in fact provides an added layer of liability coverage above and beyond the limitations of specific asset protection policies such as homeowner's, auto, personal property and boat. This policy is also used when you are sued for something which is not normally included in traditional insurance policies.
Such policies are relatively cheap, again depending upon your claims history. A $1 million policy will probably cost you between $200-$400 annually. However, most insurance companies will not sell you one unless you have adequate coverage for your high value possessions--mainly home and car.
Another use of the umbrella policy is if you are holding a board position with a business entity. Such policies are usually referred to as Directors' and Officers' (D & O) policies and you may be able to get them cheaper if you persuade the company itself to go for group coverage.

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Employer Responsibility: Ensuring Safety on the Job

Posted on 5/20/13 by Pat Maloney

No matter what type of industry you work in, there is an inherent employer responsibility to provide you with a safe and hazard-free working environment. Your employer should establish and enforce workplace safety protocols and abide by all standards set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA. Failure to do so can result in dangerous and even life-threatening injuries and accidents to you or your fellow workers.

OSHA and Employer Responsibility

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, all employers have a responsibility to provide a “safe and healthful” workplace. In order to ensure this, OSHA has established hundreds of safety standards for employers to abide by. There are specific standards set forth for employers in the construction, maritime, agriculture, and recordkeeping industries. If an employer does not comply with OSHA standards, they can be issued a citation and, if the error is not corrected, even face fines or jail time.

When Injury Occurs

Even though there is employer responsibility to provide a safe workplace, this unfortunately does not always happen. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2011 alone, there were nearly 3 million workplace injuries and 4,600 job-related fatalities in the United States.

When a worker is injured on the job, they may be eligible to apply for workers’ compensation benefits or, if their employer does not have workers’ comp coverage, file a civil claim against the at-fault party. If a worker is killed in the line of duty, their survivors may be due the benefits of these claims instead.

Getting Help

Were you hurt on the job because your employer failed to provide a safe workplace? Then you could be due compensation through workers’ comp or a civil claim. Call the Law Offices of Pat Maloney today at 210-226-8888 to begin discussing your legal options.

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Tips for Filing a Successful Third Party Insurance Claim

Posted on 5/9/13 by Pat Maloney

When you’re in a wreck caused by another driver, you’ll need to file a third party insurance claim. A third party insurance claim is filed with the other driver’s insurance carrier and can compensate you for your car repairs, medical bills, and any other costs you’ve incurred because of the accident. Unfortunately, all too often, insurance companies offer victims a low-ball settlement amount – something much less than they are actually due.

Were you in a wreck? Follow these tips to ensure your third party insurance claim compensates you as much as possible:

Make sure to file an accident report with the police. These reports are an integral piece of evidence in insurance claims and can help prove the other driver’s fault in the wreck.Be thorough when getting information from the other driver. Get details on their insurance carrier and policy number, full name, address, phone number, license plate, driver’s license number, and more.Get the name and phone number of anyone who may have witnessed the accident. They can help testify on your behalf if necessary.Contact an attorney who specializes in accident law. They can ensure you don’t settle for less than you’re due.Take photographs of the accident and any damage done to your vehicle. These can be used as evidence in the claim.Write down detailed notes about the accident while they are still fresh in your mind. This can help ensure you don’t forget anything important as time passes.Save any bills or receipts related to your injuries or the damage to your car. These can be used to assess how much you are due in your claim.Get your car evaluated by an independent auto garage – not one recommended by the insurance company.

Following these tips can give your claim a better chance of success. Need more help or guidance in filing your third party insurance claim? Call the Law Offices of Pat Maloney at 210-226-8888 today.

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Serious Personal Injury Lawyer: Building a Successful Injury Claim

Posted on 4/22/13 by Pat Maloney

If you’ve been seriously injured, you have the right to compensation. Unfortunately, personal injury claims can be highly complicated and, often, difficult to win. For the highest likelihood of success, it’s always best to consult a serious personal injury lawyer before proceeding with your case. A serious personal injury lawyer will start from the beginning, pulling all the necessary pieces together to ensure you have the most successful case possible.

They will:

Evaluate your case’s worth.

First, a serious personal injury lawyer will look at your case and evaluate its overall worth. They’ll look at the medical bills you’ve incurred, the pain you’ve had to endure, and the quality of your life since the injury. In the end, they’ll put together an estimate of what they expect your case to garner.

File necessary paperwork.

Personal injury claims require a large amount of paperwork. From filing court documents to issuing preservation letters, a serious personal injury lawyer can help with it all. They’ll make sure everything is completed, filed, and submitted on time in order to make your case successful.

Gather evidence.

One of the best ways a serious personal injury lawyer can help your case is through gathering evidence. They can obtain security camera footage, medical records, police reports, and anything else necessary to show the at-fault party is liable and responsible for your injuries.

Line up witness testimony.

A lawyer can also help you set up witness testimony. They may contact witnesses from the scene of the accident, using their testimony to support your case. They also may consider expert witnesses, who can attest to details surrounding your accident, your injuries, and other factors in your case.

Prepare you for statements.

After you’ve been seriously injured, you’ll likely be contacted by the at-fault party’s insurance provider, asking for a recorded statement regarding the incident. Many times, insurance companies will use these statements to prove victims contributed in some way to their own accident or injuries, thus entitling them to a lower settlement. A serious personal injury lawyer will help you prepare a statement that gives a truthful account of your accident, while not jeopardizing your case or the compensation you are due.

Negotiate on your behalf.

Many times, insurance companies will offer victims much less than they are due, in hopes they will settle quickly. A lawyer can help ensure you don’t settle unless the number’s right. They’re review any settlement offers you receive and make sure they’re an adequate amount to cover your medical bills, pain, suffering, and other expenses you’ve incurred. If they’re not up to par, they’ll negotiate on your behalf, in an effort to get you the compensation you deserve.

Represent you in court.

In the end, if you’re not getting the settlement offer you need to handle your injuries and related bills, your lawyer can help you file a legal claim against the at-fault party. Through this, you may even be able to seek funds for punitive damages, if the defendant’s behavior was particularly reckless or negligent.

Distribute your settlement.

Finally, once all is said and done, your lawyer can assist in distributing and managing your settlement funds. They’ll ensure anyone owed a debt associated with your injury gets paid (such as your doctors, repair shop, etc.), and they’ll also take out any attorney’s fees you initially agreed upon. Then, you’ll get your chunk of the settlement and your case will be closed.

Want to learn more about how a serious personal injury lawyer can help ensure your claim is the most successful it can be? Then call the Law Offices of Pat Maloney today at 210-226-8888.

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What is a Third Party Insurance Claim?

Posted on 5/2/13 by Pat Maloney

There are two distinct types of claims when you get in a car or truck accident: a first party insurance claim and a third party insurance claim. A first party insurance claim is filed with your own insurance carrier, either because the accident was your fault or the other driver had no insurance. It’s also used in cases of theft, vandalism, and other incidents when the at-fault party is not present. A third party insurance claim, on the other hand, is filed with the other driver’s insurance carrier. This type of claim is necessary when the wreck is the other driver’s fault, either in whole or in part.

Through a third party insurance claim, you can seek recompense for damages to your car, as well as medical bills for any injuries you’ve suffered. In the event your car is totaled, the claim will usually award you an Actual Cash Value, so you can replace your vehicle. They may also pay fees for any rental cars you must use in the meantime.

There is no guarantee you will be paid in full for all of your injuries and damages, however. The amount you will receive depends on the exact specifics of your case and how much of a role you are determined to have played in the wreck. If the other driver’s insurance can show that you shared some of the blame in causing the accident to happen, you will only receive a portion of the funds you are seeking.

Ultimately, the insurance company will make you a settlement offer after evaluating your case and the accident. In order to determine if you are being offered a fair amount for your injuries and damages, it’s always best to consult an attorney before accepting a settlement or signing any paperwork. An attorney can ensure you’re being treated and compensated fairly.

Need help with your third party insurance claim? Call the Law Offices of Pat Maloney today at at 210-226-8888 to get started.

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Car Accidents: Third Party Insurance vs. First Party Claims

Posted on 4/16/13 by Pat Maloney

When you’ve been in a car accident, you’ll likely need to file a claim with either your insurance company or the other party’s in order to recoup costs for your car repairs, medical bills, and other expenses incurred. These are called first party and third party insurance claims.

However, how do you know which type of claim you should file for your wreck? What can you expect with each type? Learn more about filing a car accident claim below.

Third Party Insurance Claims

A third party insurance claim is one filed with the insurance company of another driver involved. If the accident was the fault of another driver, even only partially, you will need to file this type of claim. Through a third party claim, the other driver’s insurance will cover the costs of your car repairs and damages or, in the event your car is totaled, provide you with the actual cash value of the vehicle.

If you were injured, the insurance company will likely offer you a settlement amount to cover your medical costs. It’s best you discuss any settlement offers with a qualified attorney before accepting.

First Party Insurance Claims

A first party insurance claim is one filed with your personal insurance company. If you’re involved in any accident, even if it’s not your fault, you may file this type of claim. If the accident is your fault, your insurance will help cover your costs, as well as costs the other driver may have suffered during the course of the wreck. If the other driver was at fault and their insurance doesn’t pay all of your repair or medical bills, your first party claim may help you cover them.

Additionally, if your car was stolen, vandalized, or otherwise harmed, you would also file a first party claim, and your personal insurance company would compensate you for the damages and repairs per your policy agreement.

Were you recently in an accident? Discover whether you should file a first party or third party insurance claim by calling the Law Offices of Pat Maloney at 210-226-8888 today.

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Traffic Fatalities Increasing On Eagle Ford Shale Roads

A long suspected trend has more statistics to back it up: As the Eagle Ford Shale oil boom continues to grow, the oil field roads between Corpus Christi and San Antonio are becoming more and more deadly.

According to a new report by the Texas Department of Transportation just released last Friday, in the 23-county Eagle Ford Shale area, fatal traffic accidents have increased 40%, with 248 fatalities, and 2,723 crashes with fatal or serious injuries. 9% of these car accidents involved commercial vehicles, with some counties reporting increases of over ten times the previous year’s numbers.

In response, the Texas Department of Transportation, in conjunction with the Department of Public Safety and several oil and gas companies, is launching a new public education campaign to encourage safe driving in energy work zones: “Be Safe. Drive Smart.”  The campaign focuses on basic safety precautions that sometimes fall by the wayside when in rural areas: drive a safe speed; pass carefully; always stop at red lights and stop signs; avoid using cell phones while driving; and of course, buckle up.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident in the Eagle Ford Shale or Corpus Christi area, get a free consultation now with an experienced serious injury attorney from the Brunkenhoefer Law Firm.  Robert Brunkenhoefer is committed to getting justice for those injured through no fault of their own, and has over 40 years experience representing car accident victims throughout the Eagle Ford Shale and Corpus Christi area, including Alice, Kingsville, San Antonio, Robistown, Portland, Kenedy, Three Rivers, Karns City, Quero, George West, Oakville, Whitsett, Peggy, Port Aransas, Rockport, Victoria, McAllen, Refugio, as well as throughout Bexar County, Cameron County, Nueces County, and Webb County.  Call now, toll free: 1 (800) 888-8808.

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What If I’m In A Car Accident With An Uninsured Motorist?

One of the biggest problems you can run into if you’re in a car accident is if the at-fault driver doesn’t have insurance. What can you do?  When there is no insurance, it looks like your only option to recover is to sue the at-fault driver personally.  But if that driver doesn’t have money or assets to pay for your damages, then in most cases, you would recover little or nothing even if you won in court.

In Texas, the risk posed by uninsured motorists is greater than in other parts of the country.  According to the Texas Department of Insurance figures (last updated in February, 2013), There are over 2,700,000 uninsured Texan drivers.  In some counties, roughly one in every four drivers is uninsured.  Of importance to Corpus Christi drivers, in Nueces County, about 17% are uninsured.

Usually, Texas minimum insurance collision coverage only covers damage to others.  Fortunately, there is something you can do to protect yourself and your family.  In Texas, there are two kinds of insurance coverage you must be offered by law that can protect you from uninsured drivers:  (1) you are given the option to buy uninsured motorist coverage, or UM, and (2) you are given the option to buy personal injury protection, or PIP.  These types of coverage are meant to pay out if you are in an accident and the at-fault driver does not have insurance.  If you choose these coverages, it will increase your premiums by several dollars a month (the exact cost varies from carrier to carrier–talk to your insurance agent about your personal situation).  But given the odds, the real question is: can you afford to not get one or both of these coverages?

Whether you have UM and PIP coverage or not, your best option is to discuss the details of your accident with an experienced car accident attorney.  A good auto accident lawyer can evaluate your unique situation and see what options you could have to recover for your injuries.  For instance, if the at fault driver was working at the time, his employer could be liable even if the driver is uninsured.

If you have been in a car accident, take advantage of the free consultation offered by the Brunkenhoefer Law Firm and discuss how you can recover your damages.  Get the advice of an experienced car accident attorney.  The attorneys of the Brunkenhoefer Law Firm have fought for the victims of personal injury in South Texas for over 37 years, in Corpus Christi, Alice, Kingsville, Victoria, San Antonio, Robstown, Portland, and Kennedy.  Contact an experienced Corpus Christi car accident lawyer at (361) 888-8808 today for a free consultation.

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Grand Prairie Crash Claims Life of Third Child

Car Accident Attorney in Corpus ChristiThe tragedy of a devastating car accident can strike anytime, anywhere – and anyone. The worst part of being the victim of an accident is that the person who was not at fault often suffers as much if not more than the driver of the vehicle that caused the wreck. If you have been involved in an accident, a car accident attorney in Corpus Christi can help you get the settlement you deserve and help you get your life back on track.

Recent accident ends in tragedy

Sadly, a Grand Prairie family recently learned how heavy a toll a car accident can take. The family of six was headed west on I-30 when their car stalled in the left lane of the freeway. The father called police for help then got out of the car to attempt to direct traffic away from his vehicle. Before officers arrived on the scene, a pickup truck collided with the family’s car from behind.

A young girl was killed on impact, and her three siblings were rushed to the hospital. The oldest girl died later that night, and the youngest brother died two days later in the hospital. Both parents, as well as one boy survived.

Work with a lawyer to get help

There is undoubtedly not much that a car accident attorney in Corpus Christi could possibly do to assuage the grief these survivors or others like them feel. However, an auto accident attorney in Corpus Christi would most likely be able to help them get settlement money to at least cover funeral expenses and immediate medical bills resulting from the crash.

If you have been involved in a serious car accident, don’t hesitate to call a car accident lawyer in Corpus Christi. He or she will be able to take on much of the burden of legal matters related to the case so that you have more time and energy to deal with the emotional toll the accident has had on you and your family. Why try to do everything on your own when you have a support network available to you? Instead, call the Brunkenhoefer Law Firm at (361) 888-8808 today for a free consultation regarding your case.

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The Importance of Honesty in the Legal System

Car Accident Lawyer in Corpus ChristiIf you are involved in a car accident that was the fault of another person, your first step should be to seek quality medical attention for your injuries. However, it’s also important to think ahead to what will happen when the bills for that medical attention start rolling in. It’s important for your future that you retain a car accident lawyer in Corpus Christi to help you navigate the legal system in an honest and dignified manner.

The Qualities of a Good Lawyer

A good Car accident lawyer in Corpus Christi will be experienced, established, and aggressive in pursuing your best interests. Perhaps the most important quality to look for when you are searching for car accident attorneys in Corpus Christi is the level of integrity the attorney possesses. There are several reasons that integrity and honesty are important in an attorney.

Trust and Loyalty

An attorney who is honest and straightforward in his or her dealings can also be depended upon to be honest and straightforward with you. When your attorney puts honesty at the top of the priority list during your case, you can rest assured that he will value his relationship with you. He will be trustworthy and loyal when working directly with you.

Avoid Mistakes

If your attorney is dishonest, you always run the risk of it being discovered. With a car accident lawyer in Corpus Christi who is committed to being honest, you gain the peace of mind of knowing that your settlement is fair and legal. Any misrepresentation from your attorney will backfire on you during your case.

An Honest Profession

Lawyers have a reputation for being unscrupulous and dishonest. But there are attorneys who are committed to representing their clients in an honest way and in making sure that the system works fairly for everyone. If you see signs of your attorney being dishonest, it may be time to move on to another individual. The results of your case may depend on the honesty of your attorney. Contact an experienced car accident lawyer in Corpus Christi at (800) 888-8808 today for a free consultation.

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Spring Break Brings Increased Accident Risks To Corpus Christi

Spring break traditionally brings an increase in traffic through Corpus Christi from students enjoying the warmer climate south Texas has to offer, with our own Padre Island being a popular destination.  However, with this influx of tourists, comes an increased risk of drunk drivers and traffic accidents in general.  Last year, there were over 1000 arrests for drunk driving made.  Between the increased risk of DUI, and distracted drivers texting and using their cell phones, we should all watch out for each other, and pay a little more attention in the coming week.

Drunk driving in Texas can be particularly deadly.  According to the annual NHTSD report, in 2011, 40% of all motor vehicle fatalities in Texas were alcohol related.  Additionally, study after study continues to show that distracted driving, particularly talking or texting on a cell phone can impair safe driving as much as, if not more than, alcohol.  Over 300,000 people in the U.S. were injured in 2011 due to car accidents attributed to distracted driving.

If the unthinkable happens, and you or your loved ones are injured in a drunk or distracted driving accident, the lawyers of the Brunkenhoefer Law Firm have substantial experience handling these kinds of accident cases. Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer now at (800) 888-8808 to discuss the legal options available to you. The Brunkenhoefer Law Firm has over 37 years experience representing drunk and distracted driving injury victims throughout southern Texas, including: Corpus Christi, Alice, Kingsville, San Antonio, Robistown, Portland, Kenedy, Three Rivers, Karns City, Quero, George West, Oakville, Whitsett, Peggy, Port Aransas, Rockport, Victoria, McAllen, Refugio, as well as throughout Bexar County, Cameron County, Nueces County, and Webb County. Contact an experienced Corpus Christi drunk/distracted driving accident lawyer from the Brunkenhoefer Law Firm at (800) 888-8808 today for a free consultation.

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Texas Plant Explosion Devastates the Town of West and Shocks the Nation

Serious Injury Lawyer in TexasEveryone at Brunkenhoefer Law Firm would like to express our deepest sympathies for the victims of the catastrophic fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas, this week. The blast, which happened at about 8 p.m. Wednesday night, has devastated the small town of West – and shocked the entire nation. The news of this tragedy, occurring as it did just one day after the Boston Marathon bombings, came as an overwhelming blow to an already grieving nation.

According to news reports, volunteer firefighters were battling a blaze at the West Fertilizer plant Wednesday night, when the plant exploded with a force equivalent to a 2.1-magnitude earthquake. The blast sent a massive fireball into the night sky and destroyed a large section of West, a small town of only 2,700 residents located about 20 miles north of Waco, Texas. The explosion rocked the community, leveling a nearby apartment complex and destroying at least 50 homes. Authorities and volunteers have been scouring the rubble in an attempt to find anyone who may still be trapped in the debris. At least 12 people have been confirmed dead so far and over 160 others have been injured. The cause of the initial blaze has not yet been determined.

The Sympathy and Support of the Nation

President Obama, as well as other lawmakers, celebrities and community leaders across the nation, have issued statements in support of the town of West and expressing sympathy to the victims of this tragedy. At Brunkenhoefer Law Firm, we join our fellow Texans and fellow Americans in extending our deepest condolences to the injured and the families of those killed in this unspeakable tragedy. To the residents of West and anyone else affected by this devastating plant explosion, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Lasting Effects on the Community

Disasters such as this Texas plant explosion can have a long-lasting effect on a community and the emotional and psychological well-being of its residents. It can often take months, if not years, for a community to fully recover from a tragedy such as this one. After the dust settles and the injuries have healed, the dead have been mourned, and the debris has been cleared away, the community will undoubtedly demand answers as to what caused the explosion and who is to blame for the devastation. Holding responsible parties legally liable for the injuries and deaths that resulted from the explosion can go a long way in helping the community to heal.

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What to Expect in Oilfield Injury Cases

Oilfield injury lawyer in Corpus ChristiOil workers who are injured on the job may file a lawsuit that falls under the category of oilfield injury cases. Due to the nature of the work involved in offshore injury cases, oil workers face a unique set of challenges to proving that they deserve compensation for their injuries. Even with the right safety measures in place, oilfield accidents and explosions often occur due to the negligence of the employer. In these situations, hiring an oilfield injury lawyer in Corpus Christi may be the best course of action.

A Dangerous Profession

Drilling for gas and oil offshore is a very dangerous profession. Over one hundred people are killed every year in oilfield accidents in the oil and gas drilling industry. Without the right Corpus Christi offshore injury lawyer, the families of these individuals are left in mourning with no justice for their loss, and no way to pay many of their bills.

Since the mid-90s, oil professionals working in the Gulf of Mexico have maintained a steady rate of one death every 45 days. The factors that cause these tragedies are often a regular occurrence. Following safety procedures is of the utmost importance in this profession, and when employers fail to do so, an oilfield injury lawsuit may be necessary for injury victims to get the compensation they are entitled to by law.

Why an Attorney Is Necessary

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your oil field accident, consulting a Corpus Christi oilfield injury attorney can set into motion a chain of events that can prove negligence on the part of your employer and provide for you and your family in the future. An experienced oilfield injury lawyer in Corpus Christi will discuss the specifics of your case with you and determine whether negligence or carelessness can be established on the part of your employer or others responsible for maintaining a safe job site.

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Why It’s Essential to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney After an Accident

A personal injury is defined as an injury that causes significant harm that is caused due to the negligence of another person. These injuries can be traumatic, and can drastically affect the future of the victim. Personal injuries can happen anywhere. It may happen at the workplace, outside a restaurant, or even at the home of your best friend. When you are hurt in any type of accident, your first step should be to hire a personal injury attorney in Corpus Christi in order to protect your rights.

Deciding Whether You Have a Case

Personal Injury Attorney in Corpus ChristiIn order to prevail in a personal injury claim, a Corpus Christi personal injury attorney must first be able to prove that the injury was a result of the negligence of another person. Rather than assuming that the injury was an accident and that you have no legal grounds to sue, you should consult personal injury lawyers in Corpus Christi that can help you to better understand the situation. In the case of a personal injury, an attorney can explain to you how negligence was involved and what your chances of winning are.

Taking on a Bully

If you are injured at work or at a place of business, it can seem intimidating to take on a large corporation to prove that you should be compensated. However, it is your right as a citizen to be taken care of financially after someone else has injured you. When you hire a personal injury attorney in Corpus Christi, you can rest assured that your rights will be protected and that your lawyer won’t be bullied out of getting you the compensation you deserve.

Important Payments After a Personal Injury

After a personal injury, there are many expenses you may need covered. Your medical bills will need to be paid, you may find yourself unable to work, and you may even need to modify your home if the injury resulted in a permanent disability. Hiring the right attorney can ensure that these and other expenses are taken care of, and that your future is secure despite your injury. Contact an experienced Corpus Christi injury attorney today at (361) 888-8808 for a free consultation.

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Package Bomb Blast Injures Family

Corpus Christi Personal Injury LawyerA recent explosion changed the lives of a Brownsville family forever. That morning a package bomb delivered to the family’s home exploded, causing critical injuries to the homeowner, his wife, and their five-year-old daughter. The explosion also damaged a large portion of their home and left a fire burning in its wake. As devastating as the explosion was, it could have been a lot worse. Police officers and bomb technicians who responded to the scene located an additional three detonation devices inside the package. These three devices were disabled with the help of a remote device later on Friday afternoon. When this type of tragedy happens to a family, it is a good idea to contact a Corpus Christi personal injury lawyer for assistance.

The True Impact of the Blast

While this single package bomb caused extensive suffering to the family who received the package and to their home, the blast impacted many other people besides. Neighbors on all sides of the home had to be evacuated to a safe distance until authorities were able to screen the entire premises and disarm the other three bombs. These neighbors also had their Friday morning interrupted in a different, though still tragic, manner.

The Rights of Bystanders

The person or persons who sent that package bomb are guilty of several crimes and should be prosecuted for them. A personal injury lawyer could also bring numerous lawsuits against these people on behalf of the neighbors who were impacted by the crime. A personal injury attorney in Corpus Christi representing a neighbor would point out that their client experienced marked pain and suffering as a result of the guilty party’s criminal actions. That neighbor may be entitled to compensation.

A Lawyer Who’s on Your Side

There are numerous Corpus Christi personal injury attorneys and you need one who will stand up for your rights and represent you aggressively in court. Regardless of who caused your injury, you may be entitled to compensation. Only a Corpus Christi personal injury lawyer can tell you for certain, so arrange to speak to one as soon as possible. Call the Brunkenhoefer Law Firm at (361) 888-8808 today for a free consultation regarding your case.

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New Survey: Adult Drivers Drive And Text More Than Teens?

Last week, AT&T released the results of a new survey that suggests adult commuters may text while driving more than teens. According to the survey, 49% of commuting adults (compared to 43% of the teens in a separate survey) admitted to texting while driving, despite 98% of respondents acknowledging that sending a text or email while driving isn’t safe.

What’s even more serious is that the survey suggests the problem may be growing.  60% of the commuters indicated they had never texted while driving three years ago, and over 40% admitted they text habitually.  As adults have gradually adopted texting as a form of communication, the dangers of texting while driving are also on the rise for these newer users.

Despite public awareness efforts trying to educate the public on the hazards of texting, there are hundreds of thousands of injuries due to distracted driving on the road each year according to the NHTSA.  If you or a loved one has been hurt in a car accident due to a distracted driver, you should consulting with an experienced car accident lawyer from the Brunkenhoefer Law Firm to discuss your legal options.  The attorneys of the Brunkenhoefer Law Firm have over 37 years experience representing the victims of personal injury throughout South Texas, in Corpus Christi, Alice, Kingsville, Victoria, San Antonio, Robstown, Portland, and Kennedy.  Contact an experienced Corpus Christi car accident lawyer at (361) 888-8808 today for a free consultation.

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Don't Pass a Day Without Health Insurance

Health insurance is the subject of an ever-changing and confusing. It is very easy to be overwhelmed with all the information you need to know. The following tips will get you started.Health insurance
You will have a full range of health insurance coverage to your knowledge. Can health insurance that covers accidents like this that make a difference in providing station that may be incurred.
When you buy a health insurance policy, it is important to know what coverage will include your own. Health insurance covers accidents like this can ensure you are covered for the time when it becomes necessary.
When you think of health insurance through your employer, and keep in mind the situation of personal health and that of your family. This could lead to the purchase of cheaper insurance premiums if you have not presented any health problems. While it may be cheaper in the early, can be dangerous if there are problems on the road.
Many employers incentives to staff when they have their lifestyle and health assessments. You may be able to fitness programs that will help you find the employers to save money on insurance, is to pass some of those savings to you.
Should reconsider your prescription coverage annually. Health insurance companies want to change the drugs that they are willing to cover, so be sure to read the fine print every time you re-enter. If you daily medication not covered by your insurance company, you may need to find a new insurance company - and fast.
Individual policies tend to be quite a bit more of a cost, so it is advisable to plan accordingly. You should plan for higher deductibles or less coverage. About to get the best prices and interest rates.Insurance company
Health insurance companies sometimes change the drugs that they cover, so be sure to read the fine print every time you re-enter. If you need medication on a regular basis and will your insurance company does not cover, it is time for you to find a new health insurance company.
Medical insurance can reduce your taxes. Not everyone knows that the premiums deducted. You can withdraw the money you pay for your package allowance, as well as elements of other health related insurance, such as prescriptions and doctor visits. Be sure to check out the guidelines for federal and state taxes are different.
Regardless of the type of policy you have, you will always save money if you choose generic drugs. There are some cases that will not be able to get in general, but their use is no different from using the name, except for the name.
As you know, this is a complex area, but there are many that you can understand on the subject of health insurance. You must take the time to be educated on this topic. If you follow the advice written here, and will be willing to make smart decisions about the needs of your health insurance.

Benefits of Medical Billing Services

Medical or Medicinal Billing Services
Currently, there is a sudden change in the business concerning health treatment. It shows lots of administrative problems in the event of preparing the insurance claims and methods which deal with the complex claim form. In order to avoid these problems, medicinal practitioners search for help from other sources. And this help comes from medical billing outsourcing from which they hire people who offer medical or health billing services.
Significant of Medical or Health Services
An effective and accurate Medicinal billing and coding service is very significant for the even performance of those who provide these services to the people. Complete medical billing and coding services sequentially secure swift reimbursement for customers. In general, medical billing is the method of offering and taking action on claims to insurance firms in order to receive payment. Medical billing services are very helpful for those who are engaged in providing medical healthcare. Aside from that, medical billing services can also aid an on-demand invoicing, processing of batch claims and submission and resubmission if necessary of electronic claims.
Advantages of Availing Medicinal Billing and Coding Services
Whether they are small companies or huge associations, medical professionals and medicinal companies can have the advantage when they avail medical billing services. Medical billing and coding services play an important role as a bridge which connects Medicare providers to insurance companies. One can have these advantages by availing medicinal billing services such as medical data entry which contains their patients demographics, medical claims billing in hard and soft copy, appeals which are for denials and incorrect payments, payment posting and reconciliation, medical claims management, collections management, and 24/7 accessibility.
Services Offered in Medicinal or Health Services
The essential services which are offered by medical billing services include handling all of patient billing inquiries, submitting reports to the doctor, posting of payments, mailing of patient's statements and taking action on all unpaid insurance claims.
To sum up, these services in one way or the other can help physician save money via payroll generation, tool reduction, removing shipping costs and support software. They will surely be happy if they know that the outsourcing to a professional medical or medicinal billing company can free them from lots of management difficulties. As of now, there are so many top outsourcing medical or medicinal billing and coding services companies which offer and provide medicinal billing assistance for any form of medical or health billing needs. In addition, those companies which offer medical or medicinal billing services utilize database which is free of compensation and outstanding practice that clients will surely have advantages.

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Making life insurance? Here's what you need to know

Life Insurance

Life insurance coverage is actually a topic that many of the difficult subject. Find good coverage of life insurance at a low cost is in fact a complex task and feel risk-free and convenient for you and your family members is not an easy task to find from before. The sanctions include statements follow a free program that protects your family members.

Each person in the family to have their own needs, which should be treated as a loss of life in the family comes over.

When deciding on how much coverage you have insurance to protect miss not only because of the ongoing costs, but used settled the too.Insurance cover also to spend time expenses such as taxes or funeral expenses, all very expensive.

Insurance rates go up in your everyday life you decided to parachute jump, including scuba diving, skydiving or scuba diving in your spare time. Some hazardous occupations, such as driving a race car or a beginner helicopter, can cause monthly installments.

When choosing life insurance, and you should make sure that the following policies and repair costs. It also uses life insurance for some time on expenses such as property taxes or burial fees, which can be relatively inexpensive to cover.

Make sure you have an adequate amount of protection. It can be overwhelming to look at each alternative and terminology, but in the end, it can help you to save your family's pain. Think of your home loan and personal loans, and the College of university education for your children or perhaps retirement expenses of your spouse and liabilities your income tax for the financial and other aspects of personal financial difficulties, while you're thinking about buying the right total.

Make your own personal study and talk with an expert before choosing any insurance coverage. Insurance broker can find deals that may not be able to detect, or simply concerned.

You may be able to shed much less forever insurance plan if you buy more than money. Some insurance companies really want to ask for less money if you opt for a good amount of coverage, which means you will get better coverage with a reduced amount for your family.

Do not get insurance from someone spend big pay a commission.

May be shocked to discover that some companies offer you cost nearly half of the forty per cent less.

Life insurance policies collective to significant reductions in daily rates for couples to get an insurance policy with a discounted price. This is a great way for anyone who wants to cut costs. However, you should be aware that these policies do not pay insurance only when when each party is resolved with each other, and comes as a plan to make full use of the end of the death of one particular party.

You need to discover ways to cancel the insurance policy on your life. Some insurance companies will ask for a fee or penalty when your insurance policy. You need to know what service you may have to pay fees should you decide to complete the insurance plan.

You want to look for brokers as pushy or annoying happens if you have an excellent policy.

May be skeptical about the extent of the cover. You really need to start to know if you may need coverage. For those who do not have children, and for this reason alone, it could very well be the best solution for your condition. A good recommendation on how to buy a lot of coverage about five or ten times the annual salary.

Evaluate different quotes before making a final decision. Can be done this procedure evaluation by phone or online phone easy. Do not disclose personal information when doing so, only the basic demographics are important.

Cigarette smoking may need to get on the cover of this term is meant only for smokers is probably due to the fact that live coverage guidelines usually with smokers usually are not taken. This policy can cost much more than the typical life insurance, but tobacco users. This includes also helps pay health care bills or health issues associated with smoking. You should know that cigarette smoking is generally classified in a different way on the basis of how much they actually smoked cigarettes.

Charged smokers to secure forever because people who smoke. If you are planning to buy insurance today.

Explore different prices before deciding on life insurance. When creating the cost side by side comparisons between companies, you should also make sure that the policies provide identical coverage.

Buy life coverage without the need to explore. You must begin to discover the reasons you are looking for a life insurance policy. Life insurance plans free for young people, in order to take this into account when choosing exactly when to think about them.

The policy holder will pay to the death of the insured person. This can be very useful for people who take the devastating health issues.

Day-to-day lives because of decent and productive to the fact that will make you in good health. While you are shopping for life insurance, you will find that people who are free from health problems and use of cigarettes and tobacco products can reduce prices dramatically.

Go with a confidence factor life where you feel comfortable. This person will be an insurance policy on your life for the rest of your life, and can help your family when you're not around. In case you are not satisfied with your representative, it can cause extra strain on your family when you pass away.

There is almost clear of companies offer life insurance, but it is the time required for a complete analysis of every single organization. They do not have a solid financial reputation? They use credit status certainly sound good? Economic policy that provides everything you could possibly need completely useless with is reliable.

Effective advice when choosing a life cover is not usually get more than you really want. Do not get more than insurance coverage what it would take to address adequately the needs of your family.

Consideration cash loan all you can while knowing certain fee will life insurance plan you have to close it. You can find calculators on the Internet as well as some companies offer their own.

It will be life insurance coverage not make much sense and did not say explicitly that you can dependents.The that insurance policy to help you get your family financially thing around. While young people may get better prices for coverage, make sure to prevent them from doing so for the wrong reasons.

Are above some ideas that will help you in your search for a life insurance policy appropriate. Use meaningful recommendations to offer you the opportunity to put quite a lot when you see and understand exactly what your policy addresses. So, take advantage of tips to help you in your quest to find the best possible life insurance plan.

Introduction to Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is required in many countries. The law seeks to have auto insurance on any vehicle you drive. These days, getting auto insurance is not a great deal at all. There are so many companies available today to provide auto insurance policy and all insurance service habit schemes with lid to fit the needs of today's market. Ergo good the actual game is ideal to discover what suits you best.

One of the basic things that must be considered before making a car insurance policy in the form of coverage should be. Regardless of the plan you choose the amount of money with respect to the kind of coverage you choose to cover your car. Let's look in detail what are the main types of auto insurance policies available in the market.

One of the most common types of auto insurance, liability insurance. And liability insurance is generally considered the minimum coverage an individual may receive. Liability insurance is important because it will cover up to the amount mentioned as an accident causing injury to body or someone else's home, and found the insured person who is responsible for the car accident. The auto insurance company up to the injured and according to the security policy. But remember, if you are hurt or injured in the accident, you may not have any coverage and will have to spend injury what happens to your car, as well as all the money to cover medical expenses yourself. In general, the state usually increase your monthly payments by auto insurance companies, if you are found responsible for the incident.

The second common type of auto insurance can be a full insurance. If you choose to complete and will be based on the monthly installments security system on your car make and model. The monthly payments will be higher than the typical car premium amount will be less if you take advantage of a very expensive car, then you. Insurance will cover the full party in an accident. Total insurance will hide the cost of repairs or a certain size, minus the deductible, when the insured vehicle broke in an accident.

Before plugging in the auto insurance is better than you part to hold talks with various services, change the system of auto insurance offered by them to know. Ask them if they are able to send you insurance quotes on the procedures and types of insurance they offer. Find auto insurance policies and compare rates and benefits carefully before picking out a particular moment. And try to get a car insurance policy that fits you perfect the most effective option.

In these times, there are many sites that offer companies instant auto insurance quote evaluation. This will help the consumer on the same service provided by different companies auto insurance before you choose a private insurance company.

Insurance Tips That Will Guide You

There are many "experts" on the subject, and you should make sure you are by removing all the information about the correct advice. You may find helpful tips in the article below.

In order to save on the cost of private insurance, and get fresh quotes before buying or renewing your insurance policy. Insurance companies use all sorts of criteria for determining insurance premiums, and every company is different from what they use. With all of these criteria, and there is a large variation in prices between insurance companies. Do your own research on a number of insurance companies, before at least three quotes making company.

Try to get a good insurance company that can handle all of your insurance needs.

Before buying an insurance policy to see if your state agencies to provide any information about the insurance companies and interest rates. This will help to get a general idea about insurance rates in your area. And know the price range will help you to find the cheapest insurance policy.

If you are a small business, and make sure you fully covered your insurance needs. Most insurance gives you an umbrella in a very different situation risk that you run the risk that are not covered by the policy, or need to add a different or additional security.

When it comes to security, and offered not the first deal for you. What you need to shop around. Many people just get used to sticking with their current policy of insurance because it is the simplest of controls for the best. When you contribute to a savings of hundreds per month, shop around for insurance is time well spent.

It always pays to shop around for the best insurance coverage. You can simply renew your insurance policies without investigating changes in the industry, rather than to see if there is a better deal out there.

Do not bother with a small request, even if it is covered. The initial cost of your pay is small compared with the potential increases in your insurance premiums. Claim-free for a long period of time you can get a discount on your insurance premiums from multiple insurance companies. Remember your insurance coverage for real emergencies.

The Internet is a good source of insurance. You know the kind of price that you will see when you attempt to make a choice.

Maintain a healthy credit score is an important part of maintaining your premiums. Many insurance companies cover credit history in their accounts when you know your insurance rates. If the loan will be considered a high credit risk, and prepare to be treated in the same way by the insurance companies.

Although you will pay less when it comes to your monthly bill, you will have to pay for any minor incidents on your own. Do not forget to add these costs to your small count to find out the best solution for you.

Do not forget to browse the Internet, if you are looking for insurance rates. This will make you an informed consumer, you will have the knowledge to know what the price should be accurate, when it comes time decision. Quotes online, but generally are not set in stone and will vary depending on your individual circumstances and medical history.

You can find errors: coverage which is believed to have been removed, but it is still there, you think you've got extra people, or the fact that you are paying for people who are not covered! These types of things that you do not need to pay for it and can end up costing a substantial amount with the passage of time, so get your documents and scanned again.

If you increase your deductible, you can reduce the cost of your insurance premiums, but there is a catch. Will have a lower monthly payment, but if you make a claim, you will pay more out of pocket. You will have to pay the price of pocket expenses entirely your own. Remember these little expenses add your score to find out what is the best choice for you.

Check the reputation of the insurance company before signing a policy with them. Some states offer compared to insurance premiums to help make the best choice.

There is no doubt that goes over your insurance plan regularly. Policy papers informs you of discounts that may be eligible for. In addition, you can increase your premiums fallacies, so well that must be verified only the people you want included in the policy, and that no other errors. Extra money from unknown discount and price increases can make a difference in the long run.

Shop around for the most money you can on insurance coverage. Many sites offer free quotes for several companies where you can compare policies, and they can be compared is the choice of many companies based on your needs.

When renewing insurance on your pet, and read all the fine print on the renewal forms. There are high possibility in each renewal period would be like if you get insurance for the first time for your pet. In this way, every disease you bet recently developed called preexisting and insurance will not cover. Any insurance company that uses this type of tactic is not worth the time or your money, it is wise to move to a more reliable insurance company.

Cancel withdrawal policy, especially if you are prone to need it. Pull typically cost several hundred dollars, but after several years with insurance, you may pay more. There are other coverage in your policy that covers your expenses if you pull a car accident.

Ask others for their own insurance companies.

Look at your coverage on an annual basis, and to ensure that remains the most suitable option for your current situation. A couple of the savings that you can take is to eliminate collision coverage on older Car Racer, or opt for a higher deductible on the insurance on your house. If your medical needs or change the size of the family, and you can change your insurance if necessary.

After high discount that can keep you less prone to unnecessary claims costs.If insurance premium, which pay the highest increase for the service, and you will be less tempted to apply.

Talk with your family and friends to learn more about their experience with all the different insurance companies. You may find they experience good and bad, and this is probably the best way for the company may want to avoid, or perhaps, to find work.

If you tell your insurance company you're not part of the alcohol or tobacco, you can get a discount on your insurance. You can make it lower if you have a car alarm to protect against car theft. Do some research to make sure you do not overpay and get insurance discounts you qualify for.

You always want to make sure to cover your insurance policy in full. This will make sure that the legal requirements and that you get exactly what you think you are. You can find your price increase ignored when deciding mistake in coverage. While it costs more comprehensive coverage premiums to be useful.

Get quotes from different sources and companies before you decide to buy an insurance policy. Some airlines offer discounts when you buy online for a broker or agent, make sure you know how much it will cost a lot of different companies.

Almost every type of insurance you can get, and increase your deductible will reduce the amount you have to pay in insurance premiums. It's smart to keep a high discount to protect against frivolous claims peaking your premiums. If you get a larger amount, and you're less likely to sue at the drop of a hat so much more.

If you have not included any problems with the coverage of politics in the papers, contact your insurance agent. Call them and ask them questions that you have. Should be willing to help, I will do it happily.

Before you choose to buy a policy, it is important to look and see if there were offers from any other company on the best price or service, if the company you are considering. Do your own research on potential suppliers before opening policy with them, and there is a lot of information available on the internet. JD Power site offers customer rating against most major insurance providers. Consider for the first time with the local chapter of Insurance Commissioners to learn more about the problems and complaints about insurance companies more than others. You can also find a well established company how during a visit

Where you live is a factor that insurance companies use to determine what your premiums based.If you can, and look at the surrounding area to see if it might be useful to move to another place.

Make sure your car again as soon as possible after an accident, especially if it is withdrawn. You will have to pay every day, for your pocket, not your insurance company.

If you're really a good deal for health and life insurance to stop smoking. If you stop, your premiums down.

Get many quotes from many different sources as possible. Some airlines offer discounts when you buy online for a broker or agent, so get quotes from several countries and companies.

Make a note of the number of your application because you always. Write it down or otherwise record this number. Enter more than one place. Keep this record in a place that will not be forgotten.

When shopping insurance, it helps if you are 100% honest with the company you are dealing with. If I did not have the insurance company the right to information, it can hinder compensation claim. To be honest at the beginning of the most appropriate for you to select.

Always take your own to make sure you get a fair deal. If you are filing claims, be sure to take your appreciation of a reliable contractor. Do not wait for the insurance company to bring in their own people. If they can send someone to you, you should still get your estimates.

If you can not be attributed to any questions in your policy, ask your agent about this topic. Call and ask them what questions you have. They are there to help, and you will be very lucky.

And your insurance pays up front will usually just a lot of money. Many insurance companies require a three percent fee for monthly bills, so to avoid paying the cost of one annual lump.

Before making any major purchase, consider the cost of insurance. Maybe you do not need a boat or a second car. Maybe you can rent these things when you need them instead of paying insurance throughout the year. Get rid of the things that you need.

In summary, you want to be careful who you take advice on insurance. It is necessary to properly inform you and given that whatever knowledge that clearly displays. We hope these tips provided by you will be extremely useful in the search for insurance!

The return of premium life insurance is one of the many possibilities of life insurance you should consider. This kind of insurance is cost higher, but if you do not claim the contract for the long term, you will get your premium again.

Insurance - The Tips

There are many kinds of insurance policies it is easy to get lost in everything.

Renew or purchase a new insurance policy and save on the total cost for each type of insurance. Each company will differ in their standards of insurance premiums and discounts. The bottom line is that there is considerable variation in the prices of insurance premiums from one company to another. Make sure to shop around and get several quotes before you buy an insurance policy.

Each company will differ in insurance standards to determine interest rates. It will produce large differences in prices between price plans from different companies. You should talk with several companies and obtain a minimum of options, try to get three quotes before deciding on a private insurance company.

Try to get a good insurance company that will cover all your insurance enough the need to find and at a reasonable cost. If you already have your own insurance company to run, but considering the insurance on your car to another company on a better path, first find out if the cost of insurance on your home will rise as a result.

You can package insurance policies if you save a great deal of money to buy coverage options package. So if you're in the market for new business, be sure to get quotes on the cost of your auto and homeowners policies at the same time and see how much money you can save.

If you are a small business owner, be sure to have complete coverage. Most insurance gives you an umbrella in a very different risk, but can not through some of the potential problems, which means that you have a policy or additional coverage that will cover you are looking for.

Look for packages offered by insurance companies to save money. You can use all of the cars and motorcycle insurance for a fixed rate. There are a large number of insurance companies offer many different types of homeowners insurance. Before you buy anything, although to be sure that you actually need.

If you are a small business, be sure to have complete coverage. Most insurance gives you an umbrella in a very different situation risk that you run the risk that are not covered by the policy, or need to add a different or additional security.

And your insurance company to respond more quickly when you have an application that you fully and clearly documented what happened. Do not make up stories about the damage, in an attempt to get more money, and can get you in trouble.

Take a picture of the damage.

A police report may make it easier for auto insurance company to pay for your order. Document every phone call between you and your insurance agent. This will help you find out if your application is going well, and you know what you should do. Information or e-mail message documenting phone calls or in person.

You may find there are discounts that you've gone to get the discounts that you are eligible, and the extra coverage you think you have fallen and so cases type on.These may cost you money, and even to obtain documents and scanning them again.

Get insurance quotes online. Prices are monitored in this way will give you the background for any kind of price that is likely to meet, and to identify any insurance company to use. Quotes online are usually conditional on full implementation details.

And insurance companies, brick and mortar around to get the best interest rates. Better educated shopping will make it easier to find the right insurance plan.

During the annual enrollment open to any changes and plans to achieve the new health insurance. For example, you may be able to do without collision rider on your auto policy, or go with a higher deductible on your policy at home. Common time for change is when you increase or decrease the size of your family or your insurance needs to reflect the changes.

Some pet insurance companies consider the renewal of policies as a new beginning, so if your pet develops a condition, such as diabetes dogs, a believer can call it "pre-existing condition," and also pay, upon renewal. This is the best company to keep exercise of these strategies.

You need to find the best deals on insurance in order to provide the greatest amount of money. Many sites offer free insurance quotes and compare between the various applications of the company you choose.

Other aspects of your policy is likely to provide for withdrawal, if there is an accident, so you're really paying for something that is not likely to be used to include.

For the best possible price to save on insurance coverage. You can find online sites that compare quotes, but also to compare prices with other companies.

Look for an insurance company with a good reputation for offering low prices when shopping for insurance. You can use the Internet to check the websites of different companies is easy to compare prices and services offered. Assess energy use JD Site for any company to find, to let you know what are the best options. If you examine the complaints against the insurance company, visit the site got more information.

Does not apply to life insurance in excess of $ 100,000 if you know you have serious health problems, because it will require you to get a medical examination. Insurance companies can, of course, to deny coverage in some cases. In other cases, they can choose a higher premium than you may be required to charge.

Open multiple policies with the insurance company. You're likely to get a discounted price for the purchase of auto insurance and homeowners insurance from the same company. You may find that your savings up to more than 20 percent.

Immediately remove your car from the yard if it is dragged to an accident. Even your car to stay there can carry large fees.

When you change your policy or buy a new one, make sure that you always are covered completely. You can find your interest rate because you are not covering the fullest as you may be.Even if it costs more, higher insurance premiums is full coverage is worth.

Check with your state insurance department. They need to have information on what carrier you are considering. You may be able to let you know about the complaints that have been dealt with at all, average prices in your area, or maybe just to give you some basic information that will help you decide.

Not only someone would have to do only with the company, but they are usually cheaper.

If you are looking to buy insurance, you must get it through a local agency with agents who you can meet in person. If you talk to a real person, you will get a better deal as an actor paid to satisfy you. They also know you can go at any time if you have a problem. It may cost more to go through an agency, but you can get the best coverage and the best service.

There are a lot of sites that provide you with valuable information about the different insurance companies. JD Power site site provides customer satisfaction ratings for several insurance agencies largest and most popular. National Association of Insurance Commissioners site can give you information about complaints against the company. can help you learn more about a particular company.

Quit smoking if you want to break on the cost of both health and life insurance premiums to capture. Smoking causes many health risks to the estimates used by insurance companies to determine your premiums for insurance policies work. However, if you quit smoking, your premiums down.

If you have existing health issues before, you should not apply insurance valued at more than $ 100,000 in life insurance.

Make sure that you are fully covered for any periods when companies change. If you cancel the old policy before the new one takes effect, you will have to pay for something that can happen in this time frame. If you interfere policy, you may overpay. You can be assured that you will not fall in the middle of the overlap, allowing the insurance company to determine the maturity date of your policy.

Get the car out of a lot of traction as soon as possible! If you want your car to consume more time, you could be liable for the additional costs that insurance does not cover.

Save money by paying your insurance in the form of a lump sum instead of monthly payments. Pay your monthly bill and we will see you pay up to three percent more per year in fees. Instead of striking, and paid annually in the form of a lump sum.

When shopping for insurance, it helps if you are 100% honest with the company you are dealing with. If you do not fully reveal or distort your situation, when you apply for insurance, you the compensation you deserve. To be honest with the insurance company can also help you get the best policy for your needs.

Quit smoking to reduce insurance costs. Health insurance rates are much lower for smokers than non-smokers.

The fact that the insurance comes in many different types and groups of shopping for insurance confusing. Use the tips in this article to find out exactly what type of insurance you or your family need. When applying this knowledge, you should be able to find some great bargains that you are really proud of.

I've recently purchased insurance? If so, make sure your insurance company mail a copy of this policy for you. Copy writing to tell you that the agent delivered the money you pay the insurance company.