Things You Won't Hear On A Drilling Rig!

Several years ago we had a post topic

"Things You Won't Hear On A Drilling Rig"

I have re-posted a few of the answers here and hope  you guys visiting will add a few of your own-Enjoy!

Things You Won't Hear On A Drilling Rig

"No Thanks, we're all on a diet."

"Why don't you guys knock off early and I'll pay ya for 12."

"That's what the instructions said..."

"Hey, you're right, that really is a good idea, we should try doing it that way!"

"Let's go another circulation so we can get the mud in shape."

"I'm sorry you don't like the way I run this crew."

"The other crew did a good job."

"This motor is good for 100 hours....."

"I didn't mean to hurt your feelings."

"Oh, you stayed up drinking last night,well why don't you go take a nap while we get this bit back on bottom."

"I was wondering if I could come in on my days off and help with rig move?"

Please feel free to add yours below!

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