Drilling Waste Minimization Strategies

Drilling waste minimization is a method to reduce any waste generated from drilling operation. The ideal goal of it is to generate zero residue requiring final disposals. People have developed technologies for two main reasons which are project cost reduction and environmental protection.

Typically, the drilling waste minimization starts with reducing amount of drilling waste, recycling and recovering waste streams which will be covered in next topics in this blog.

Strategies for minimizing drilling waste are listed below:

• Minimize hole volume

• Optimize drilling mud and solid control equipment

• Reusing drilling fluids and water as much as possible

• Motivating contractors by creating the achievable waste management scheme so they can get good payment and overall waste is reduced

• Using only required chemical in drilling mud and reducing toxic fluid additives

• Eliminating single packing waste by using bulk material delivery

• Optimizing solid control equipment

• Using experienced personnel to work on the project

• Developing best practices to manage drilling waste

• Implementing special waste monitoring programs which will tell people signs if the operation is met both economical and environmental criteria.

• Studying new technology from several sources and implement some techniques that suite with the drilling operation in the area

We will try to cover a lot of details regarding the drilling waste management in many aspects in the following articles. Please feel free to sign up the newsletter to get the update from us.

Reference from: Drilling Waste Minimization Strategies article from drilling mud blog.

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