Starting A Rig Washing Business


Another late night researching OSHA confined spaces and H2S safety.

Eagle Ford Shale is in my back yard, and started Crude Rig Washing LLC with my younger brother, we are two months in the works.

I'm now fully comply with federal, state, general liability insurance, workers comp, truck trailer, employees hired, have all the equipment to perform my service to the oil and gas industries, PPEs', MSDS, and the dream team, with two (bad to the brizzle!) seasoned veterans as senior supers.

All this week I have been back and forth to locations making contacts with company men, filling out vendor forms. Now I'm looking for that call or Email.

Being that this is a holiday weekend I figured it might be a little time waiting for a response from the companies I desired and prayed I will be working for to give me that conformation, that I'm accepted.

Much anticipation should be worth the hard work set forth by my brother and family who stood behind me asking, "What you going to do now? Why not just sell it, and go back into home building," thanks mom!!! (lol)

I just wanted to thank Drilling Ahead for the information I obtained, and the Rig Count helped me big time. I'm going to keep posted keeping D.A. members informed.

Open for job leads; let those companies know I exist, also new employment opportunities coming soon within the New Year.
Crude Rig Washing, LLC

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