North Dakota & Pennsylvania to Oilfield Trash-"GET OUT!"

What it's Like To Be Oilfield Trash
Everyday the headlines read something about the hardships hard-working American men  are causing on cities and towns where drilling is occurring.

In Pennsylvania a Congressmen accuses oilfield workers of spreading sexually transmitted disease among his "womenfolks" as he calls them. The issue to him was never

"What were the womenfolks of his community doing dropping their panties for these oilfield workers" or "maybe it was the locals who actually harbored the disease and spread it to the workers to begin with"?

To these locals of Pennsylvania it's ok if you are a Penn State football coach who knew your staff was a child molester for over the last 9 years and not report it to the authorities-Hey the locals support this so much they take to the streets and overturn news vans and break windows, destroying the property of others so they can show their support for the staff that seemed to condone child molesting.

These are the same people calling us "Oilfield Trash"-If the term distinguishes me from them then I wear the moniker proudly.

The issue is the same in Williston North Dakota
City Councils there have started banning new "Man Camp" permits-meaning that the camps provided by the companies to house and feed their workers will no longer receive permitting. The reason the councils quote for this is because they cannot handle the influx of people-it's just to much of a burden on their resources. The excuse is just another lie the locals use to disguise the real truth.

Obviously a "Man Camp" by definition is designed to remove much of the burden off cities and stopping them would actually increase the burden on cities as the workers would need to find private housing. Maybe you have already guessed it-the city does not make money off the men staying in "Man Camps" so they want the Man Camps gone. The camps mean lost revenue for those on the council that own rental housing. Man Camps mean lost revenue for those that own the RV Parks. Man Camps also feed the workers this means lost revenue for the food and dining sector.

In North Dakota communities could care less about oilfield workers-in their greed all they want is the money and to hell with the living conditions and the individuals. In Williston you are nothing more than "Oilfield Trash"... nevermind that you are an honest hard-working American man far from home trying your best to provide a living for your family.

To these bigots of North Dakota you are trash.

Still have your doubts?

If they had their way in Williston, North Dakota your kids would not be allowed to ride the school bus with local kids-Oilfield Trash would have separate bathrooms and drinking get the idea I'm sure.

If you still have your doubts that the prejudice exists in Williston-

This incident happened last night in a restaurant at the Eagle Ridge Golf Club of Williston as reported to me by a friend

My boss, was jumped in a restaurant last night in Williston, North Dakota...

Here's what happened..

He and his wife went to the little local country club... They were expecting other guests.. As such, they moved two tables together. The waiter came over and jumped all over him for it.

Ended up in an argument about it, but eventually, He just let it go. About 10 minutes later, a large group comes in.. They move tables together, and none of the staff said anything to them. So He calls the waiter over.. The waiter jumps all over his a**, calling him "white oilfield trash", and proceeds to start yelling at his wife.. Words got exchanged, to say the least.. He finally says screw it, and he and his wife turn to leave.. At which point, the waiter jumps him from behind, knocking him out....

It was made VERY clear that "trash" was not welcome on the property.

To those of you who take offense to not only being treated like trash but to those that also have a dislike for cowardly back jumping waiters you should stop by this club in Williston have a couple of shots of whiskey then share your concerns with the staff.

Contact details;

"Missouri Club" 

Located at

Eagle Ridge Golf Club
6401 3rd Ave E
PO Box 4125
Williston, ND 58801

As for me, if being "Oilfield Trash" means I am an honest hard-working man that provides for my family with back-breaking labor and the handful of skills the good lord provided me with then I accept the tag with pride.

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