International health insurance

The International health insurance:

Living and working overseas as an expatriate can be exciting and have many benefits, but you may find that access to high quality international healthcare for you and your family is not one of them.
When living in a strange country, where the traditions and ways of life are unfamiliar to you. The simple things like shopping can be a trial, so obtaining medical treatment for you or your family could be a nightmare, without a comprehensive expatriate health insurance plan.

The international healthcare arrangements for expatriates vary from country to country, and even where there are established state schemes, entitlement to such care for the expatriate worker may be restricted or non-existent. More importantly, in certain parts of the world, the standard of healthcare you might expect as an expatriate just may not be available.

1. Whatever the situation, without adequate expatriate health insurance the cost of paying for even the most basic of care could be very high - and that is if you can find the right hospital or doctor in the first place.

2. If you choose an international health insurance policy, you want the reassurance that you can count on it wherever you are in the world, at any time.

3. The health insurance plans you will enjoy the following:

Our plans have different levels of benefits and are split into geographical areas to assist with your choice of the most appropriate cover for your expatriate circumstances.

Cover in-patient and day-patient hospital treatment costs, as well as offering a wide range of comprehensive out-patient benefits. In addition, there is cover available for routine dental treatment and routine maternity costs.

Included cover for routine health checks on our more comprehensive plans as we feel prevention is just as important as treatment!

The plans include access to our 24 hr multi lingual assistance helpline, 365 days per year. For emergency admissions to hospital available within 48 hours. This will give the opportunity to arrange the direct settlement of your hospital bills.

Claims payments are wired directly to the treatment provider, or if you have paid them your self and are claiming back from us, directly into your bank account. What could be easier?
For a complete list of covered benefits please refer to the Benefits Table of your chosen international healthcare plan.


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